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Hourglass Color

Our favorite items for a daily routine to notice, savor, and sense time—all together in our signature discovery set.

Each set includes:

  • Daily Reflection Journal: More than just a journal, it is a space to find stillness, tap into the seasons and the senses, and rethink the way you experience time in everyday life. Filled with time-guided prompts for observation and reflection, the journal has been designed as an everyday companion for the moment you’re in—or the moment you’re looking for—wherever you go. 
  • Daily Moments Hourglass: A visual reminder of the passage of time, measuring approximately three minutes—or, the perfect amount of time to steep a cup of tea or simply find a moment of stillness every day. 
  • Daily Senses Hand Cream: Our first fragrance meets hand cream that goes beyond a lotion—it is a sensory experience to connect with the present moment, and a tool to awaken awareness as a self-care routine through the power of scent. 



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  • Designed for the Senses

    From the sight of an object's form to the feel of a texture in the hand, each item in our collection has been created and curated to intuitively engage the senses to prompt awareness of your space, home, and time.

  • Curated for the Everyday

    Assembled with an eye for the beauty of everyday things and routines, we've chosen each set and object as a tool to find connection in daily life.