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Each night, the sky offers a different view of the moon: new, full, or somewhere in between the moon’s gradual wax or wane towards its next quarter—its next punctuation of time. With each cycle of the moon we, too, are moving through a constant reinvention; the more we might be able to tap into these cycles, the more we might be able to tap into ourselves.

Drawing from the lunar phases throughout the year, SEASONS BY THE MOON is a study on time: a guide to the continually changing views of the moon above us, and a prompt to notice our own cycles that guide our days, months, and years—as we circle the orbits of our lives.

Each SEASONS BY THE MOON calendar begins in the month of February 2024—to coincide with the start of a new lunar year—through January 2025. Each poster is sized at 18"x24". Printed with care in colors Moon and Dusk on uncoated paper.


18"x24" flat, 6"x9" folded.


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