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Join us for our first Moon Rituals Workshop: an intimate evening gathering to reflect and ground under this month’s Full Moon on Sunday, 3/24.

Hosted in partnership with herbalist and healer Allie Brown, we’ll be guided through a multisensory Full Moon routine through the offerings of plant medicine, sound, and meditation, aligning the body and mind with this powerful and energetic moon phase—and making the space for new beginnings.

The workshop will include:

  • Moon Phase Introduction: Allie will walk us through each of moon phases, and their impact on the various cycles of our reflection, grounding, and renewal—plus, the tools and practice we can incorporate into our lives each month.
  • Herbal Moon Tea Blending & Tasting: Using herbal plants as medicine, Allie will guide us through herbs and botanicals to support the rhythm of each moon phase, and we’ll have the chance to blend our own tea to taste and take home.
  • Sound Bath Meditation: Closing the evening under the light of the Full Moon, Allie will guide us through a live sound bath and meditation to nourish your body and center your mind.
Guests will take home a custom herbal tea blend, a custom Moon Phase Rituals & Routines Guide, and a toolkit Space of Time objects and offerings to use in your own monthly practice at home.
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