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Made in Japan, this thoughtful planner is designed for one page to be dedicated to each day of the year: a perfect companion to hold your everyday tasks, musings, and schedules in a safe place.

Consisting of monthly calendar pages and 385 pages of free space, this planner is open-ended and flexible, allowing you to customize your daily planning to suit your own style. 

  • Hourly Agenda: Outline your daily appointments, meetings, and tasks on the left side of each page. 
  • Free Space: Use blank space on the right side of each page to jot your loose notes or sketch quick ideas. 
  • Task Lists: Jot down your to do's for the day with the bullets at the top of each page, and cross them off with ease. 

The journal is beautifully hand-bound with an debossed off-white cover, and its buttery-smooth blank paper will have any pen sing. Sized at A5 (5.8" x 8.3"). 


5.8" L x 8.3" W x 0.8" H


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