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Everything and nothing


This is not a book about colors—instead, this is a meditation on the essence of “white” by designer Kenya Hara, explored through the lens of objects and meaning. Seen closely related to the origin of Japanese aesthetics, the concept of “white” is both minute and encompassing; it is a symbol; it is every color, and it is empty of color. While lofty in idea, Hara’s words remain accessible, leaving us with ideas to apply to work and life in a new way.


Published by Lars Müller Publishers, 2009.

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  • Designed for the Senses

    From the sight of an object's form to the feel of a texture in the hand, each item in our collection has been created and curated to intuitively engage the senses to prompt awareness of your space, home, and time.

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    Assembled with an eye for the beauty of everyday things and routines, we've chosen each set and object as a tool to find connection in daily life.